Moto Guzzi V-Twin

Servicing Italian motorcycles

Perhaps the most charismatic machines of the 1970′s all Italian makes have their spares specialists, so keeping your Ducati, Guzzi or Laverda on the road is no problem. Oh, we also do pre “twist and go” Vespas.

Guzzy Magni

Guzzi Magni: Adding the finishing touches to a full restoration. Yes, of course we changed the exhaust for a 5 star finish!


Ducati single top end rebuild

Ducati Single: Came to us with a blowing head joint – stripped cylinder bolt thread, we repaired it with an insert.


Untitled Motorcycles Guzzy Custom

Custom Guzzy: UMC-026 custom built by us at Untitled Motorcycles, our sister company.


Vespa T5 Classic carb work

Vespa T5 Classic : Adjusting the carburettor.